27 Apr 2018 - 13:57

The emerging fashion brand Maison 113 wins the 2nd edition of the Rec.0/080 Barcelona Fashion contest. This initiative is boosted by the Generalitat’s Catalan runway and Igualada’s pop-up stores festival with the aim of promoting the presence of emerging designers and brands in the upcoming Rec.0, which will be held at the Rec’s industrial district of Igualada from May 9th to 12th.
Thanks to the prize, 113 Maison will be a guest at Rec.017 with a free pop-up store in an area devoted to independent fashion, a sought-after display for any brand as the Rec. Stores festival gathers around 120,000 visitors in each edition. With this action, the 080 Barcelona Fashion strengthens its bond with the Rec.0 and at the same time keeps true to its commitment with the emerging talent of Catalan fashion.
113 Maison is a brand born from the union of photographer Mariona Puig and the dress maker Jorgina Carrera. Together they search for a singular look for woman, of a romantic and organic spirit, with well-thought patterns and cuts and organic fabrics, like linen, wool and cotton, worked in an artisanal way. It’s a fashion that runs away from the standard womenswear and the consumist speed-up cycles and stands out thanks to its craftsmanship, that brings an exclusive touch to each design.
A jury formed by Catalan designers Josep Abril, journalist Margarita Puig, the representative of the Fashion area of the Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium of the Generalitat and Marina Iglesias, from Recstores, chose 113 Maison as the winner over seventy young fashion brands and designers that took part in this second contest. The fashion brands Verdugo and Into completed the three finalists along with Maison 113, finally the winner. Congrats!