18 Sep 2018 - 00:00

Organized by the City Councils of Manresa and Igualada, in collaboration with the City Council of Terrasa, Economic Promotion of Sabadell and ACTE (European Textile Collectivities Association) and with the support of the Generalitat of Catalonia, among other institutions, Futurmod is a project that aims to boost entrepreneurship in the fashion-textile sector in Catalonia by offering tools and services so as entrepreneurs and microSMEs can develop their business project.
The base of this programme is to create connections between those who start-up and established companies so as that both parts can learn and grow together thanks to other part’s vision. Moreover, it also wants to set up new value chains and relations between young entrepreneurs, established companies, administrations, design schools and research centers to boost innovation.
The first step to take part in the Futurmod programme is to present your business project. The open call runs through September 19th in their website. Proposals will be judged following a criteria based on innovation, understood as the creation of new products, circular economy projects or of digitalization of the fashion sector. The evaluation will also favour those projects with less than five years of existence.
If your project is selected, you can enjoy mentoring from professionals of well-known fashion brands like Escorpion and Punto Blanco, both present in the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway, as well as connect with investors and be open to new business opportunities. If your project isn’t chosen, you can also be part of the Futurmod community by taking part in the seminars offered to improve your skills to develop your fashion business project successfully.
More than 60 entrepreneurs and 50 companies have participated or are participating in this fashion entrepreneurship programme. A figure that shows the interest and commercial appeal of a sector, the fashion-textile, that last year had a turnover of 2,866 million euro in Catalonia.