26 Jun 2017 - 00:00

This midday, the Minister of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Baiget, has opened the 20th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway, that takes place from today to June 30th in Barcelona’s Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site.
Within this framework, Jordi Baiget has positively valued all the path of these 20 editions and has thanked the effort made by all the agents of the fashion sector: designers, brands and sponsors to accomplish this milestone. The Minister has assured that “all has improved” and has highlighted that “the 20 editions of 080 Barcelona Fashion show that this is much more than a catwalk”. Baiget has pointed out that “it’s time to give value to everything done and everything that we will do” and has explained that “the 080 is fashion shows, contacts, inverse missions, a very important active for the fashion sector”.
In the opening ceremony, Minister Baiget has been accompanied by the general secretary of Business and Knowledge, Xavier Gibert; the Business and Competitiveness secretary, Joan Aregio; the general director of Commerce, Muntsa Vilalta; and the head of CCAM and 080 director Miquel Rodriguez, besides designers and the sponsors’ representatives.
Before the official opening, the runway has kicked off in the morning with the fashion shows of Bóboli and Little Creative Factory within the 080 Barcelona Fashion Kids program. In addition, after the opening ceremony, the runway will be home to the shows of Daniel Rosa, winner of the Best Emerging Award in last winter edition; Krizia Robustella, Miquel Suay, Oscarleon –winner of the last edition’s Best Collection Award- and Antonio Miro, also recognized as Best Collection of the last winter edition. To end the day, Macson will open the special program of this 20th edition with their 75th anniversary party within the 080 Barcelona Fashion Nights program.
Previously to the kick off, around 750 communication professionals, journalists and bloggers have registered to report from the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Among them, 240 are from Catalan or national media, 150 are bloggers and from digital media, 100 are influencers, 180 are graphic professionals and 80 are international journalists from media from UK, USA, France, Italy and Mexico, among other countries.
Regarding the commercial side of the event, besides the guest buyers of each designer and brand, the organization of 080 will bring 80 buyers to the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom, of which 50 are national and the rest from countries like USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Japan and Singapur, in addition to the representaties of an Asian platform.