31 Jan 2016 - 00:00

Once more, the 080 Barcelona Fashion will gather an exceptional casting to show the collections of the 31 designers and brands for next autumn-winter 2016-17 at Casa Llotja de Mar in Barcelona. New names along with familiar faces will take part in this 17th edition from February 1st to 5th in this privilege showcase of the best Catalan fashion.
Regarding women, one name stands out: Marina Pérez, the internationally-acclaimed Spanish model who has worked with the likes of Bulgari and Harper’s Bazaar, will make a comeback and will walk the runway for many different designers: from Celia Vela to Manuel Bolaño, showing off her great versatility. Another model to highlight is Afrodita Dorado, who’s on the rise nowadays and has worked with such avant-garde companies like Acne and Balenciaga. Mayka Merino is another name to point out because, despite being only 19 years old, she has already walked the runway for top fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Prada. This will be her second 080 Barcelona Fashion where she will take part in nine shows, including CARLOTAOMS and Txell Miras. Like her, Steffy Argelich is another name in the emerging Spanish modelling sector that will be present at 080 Barcelona Fashion alongside popular names like Rocío Crusset, Alba Galocha, Dalianah Arekion, Marta Ortiz, Marta Aguilar, Mar González, Lucía Rivera, Joana Sanz, Amando Romero and Desirée Cordero –Miss España 2015-.
Moreover, the Brazilian Diane Contrerato leads the international group. Faithful to the Catalan runway, she’s an internationally well-known model thanks to her jobs for Dior, Delpozo and W Magazine, among many others. With her, we’ll also see other Brazilians like Carolina Thaler and Daniela Braga who, after walking as an angel for Victoria’s Secret show, comes back to the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Along with them, we find other names, maybe less popular but promising like Kasia Jujeszca, Magdalena Jasek, Nastia Kusakina, Zhenya Katava and Magda Laguinge.
As for the male models the casting shows the same high level. There will be international famous names like Clément Chabernaud, a familiar face at the 080 Barcelona Fashion who has worked for top luxury and fashion brands like Gucci, Hermès and Michael Kors and is considered the best male model in the world; and Jon Kortajarena, another usual name who, throughout his career, has teamed up with companies like Tom Ford and Salvatore Ferragamo. But there will be also newcomers, of international influence, like Óskar Kindelan, Gerard Sabé and Jaime Ferrandis. Other models that stand out in this 17th edition are Juan Betancourt, Antonio Navas, Marçal Taberner, Sam Steele, Xavi Serrano, Piero Méndez, Baptiste Radufe and Rhys Pickering.