17 Mar 2015 - 00:00

Reference of diversity in the fashion world, the Canadian model Chantelle Winnie –known with the surname of Winnie Harlow- is Desigual’s muse for third time in a row and the brand’s face for this spring-summer collection. Representing the brand’s philosophy which claims that “difference is beautiful”, Winnie walked the New York runway for Desigual, bringing and exotic note to a sometimes too even universe.
Winnie Harlow suffers from vitiligo, a chronic skin disease characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigments. A singularity which has influenced her since she was 4 years old and, as she has admitted, was the origin of cruel jokes and comments when she was a child. Nonetheless, there’s little of all that in her current life as Winnie is not only Desigual’s face but has also worked for Diesel as well as well-known fashion photographers like Nick Knight.
This sweet moment of her career has a lot to do with Trya Banks and her reality America’s Next Topmodel, where Chantelle Brown-Young started to gain popularity. It was a useful platform that this 20-years old model has known how to take advantage of to build her international career. Winnie is a role model of self-improvement and self-esteem who inspires all the word.