3 Mar 2019 - 00:00

Committed to the emerging design in Catalonia, the 080 Barcelona Fashion 23rd edition hosts the debut of the young brand 113 Maison. This project by Jorgina Carrera and Mariona Puig was the winner of the design contest 080 Barcelona Fashion / Rec.0 and, besides taking part in the pop-up store festival in Igualada, now they have been able to walk the runway to present “Primer florilegi” and their personal take on independent fashion.

With a handmade production and a strong aim to experiment both in fabrics and patterns, 113 Maison doesn’t present a collection linked to seasons, but many of their designs are being updated over time in a honest and ongoing speech, in which each piece is worked on individually  a results in a unique design, with an imperfect finish, and its own soul and personality. The search of alternative silhouettes based on abstraction, layering and exagerated volumes, and the use of a neutral palette, in which all the focus goes to the pattern, make 113 Maison to stand out among other current emerging proposals.