5 Mar 2017 - 00:00

The iconic Catalan fashion brand Antonio Miro first debuted on the 080 Barcelona Fashion runway on June 2016 edition. In its second participation in January 2017, Antonio Miro wins the National Award to the Best Collection ex aequo with Oscarleon thanks to “Origins”, the proposal by creative director Albert Villagrasa for autumn-winter 2017-18.

Inspired by the Amish culture, the collection is a step forward for the brand as it gives more attention to the woman’s line and adds an extra sophistication to the whole brand. The severity of the line and the austerity of the colour palette are altered by the incorporation of sheer designs, the application of metallic crosses and the embroidered beading, which result in an elegant and well though-out collection that gives importance to the organic fabrics and the craftsmanship of couture techniques.