29 Jul 2017 - 13:08

With “Suddely summer” for spring-summer 2018, designer Maite Muñoz wants, with her womenswear brand Lebor Gabala, to erase the borders between streetwear and beachwear through casual and comfy outfits, full of style. Th silhouettes are long and smooth, with wide high-waisted trousers, vaporous skirts and dresses that enhance the woman’s curves.

 The color palette is rich and assorted, with tones that go from the warm orange and red to blue, green and also denim, although the prints are the ones that draw most of the attention. Maite Muñoz gets her inspiration from nature and decorate Lebor Gabala’s designs with vegetal motifs, like wilde leaves and big flowers in the most personal looks of the collection.