3 Mar 2019 - 00:00

Designer Cristina Fernandez is back on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk with an important change in her fashion brand Little Creative Factory. This winter 2019 she moves away from childrenswear to present her first womenswear collection. A successful move according to the jury of the 23rd edition as they recognize her with the National Award 080 to the Best Collection ex aequo for “The Makers”.

Inspired by the artist and creator we all carry within ourselves, “The Makers” is an organic and original collection, with handmade and made-to-measure designs in cotton, wool, linen and neoprene. Wide silhouettes and skirts with volume go along with fitted jackets in a line where we also see functional pieces like overalls, aprons and pinafores. And all in a neutral and calmed palette with ochre, beige, white, camel, brown and black.