24 Feb 2019 - 21:22

Warm, austere and complex. This is how Miriam Ponsa imagines “The silk road”, her new autumn-winter 2019-20 collection presented within the 23rd edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk. Based on her own experience in this nomadic journey through Asia to Kyrgyztan, the Catalan designer gets her inspiration from the women of that country, in which they represent the family’s backbone and the nation’s founding principle.

The patterns are based on the old pieces of the nomadic families and are combined with contemporary designs to capture the duality of the collection. The silhouettes are loose in oversize and comfortable looks, as they are conceived to be used to work and, above all, to protect against the cold. The volumes represent symbolic pieces like the fabrics designs worn on the heads of the models, which reference a cultural and religious identity in an age where these women were healers. There is use of natural fabrics like wool, mohair, alpaca, cotton and silk and, as it’s usual in Miriam Ponsa, craftsmanship tecniques are applied with the use of manual looms and the introduction of belts and cords. The color chart is rigorous and evokes the nomadism with black, grey, green and khaki as the main tones.