20 Aug 2019 - 11:23

The young designer Patricia Narbon makes her debut on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk in June 2019 with ‘Lola’, a collection that fully represents her demi-couture fashion for women defined by the combination of colors, the layering of prints and shiny details. With her namesake brand Narbon, with a crafted production between Vienna and Barcelona, the creator constructs a stylistic speech of her own based on maximalism.

On the runway of the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, she presents very personal looks and designs, ranging from printed dress with neon-tulle lows to striped fur coats with cowboy-like belts or sexy minidresses over a naïf pink shirt. Each look represents a highly-imaginative style in a seasonless collection that includes options both for summer and winter. All in all, a powerful closet for an empowered woman.