9 Jul 2018 - 00:00

The winner of the 080 Award to the Best Collection in January 2019, Oscarleon, presents now “Simply life”, where he reflects on the vulnerability given by the idea “what will we do when we are apart”. In this proposal for spring-summer 2019, the independent designer uses his characteristic colors of black and white, with some touches of red, to dress a urban and determined woman that expresses her individuality through fashion.

Oscarleon shows again his tee-shirts with thoughtful messages that have turned into his signature style. He mixes them with skinny trousers, minishorts and bermuda shorts, one of his star pieces for next summer 2019. “Simply life” is a collection 100% true to Oscarleon style, even in the beauty look, which expresses the vulnerability that has inspired the designer on this occasion.