3 Mar 2019 - 00:00

The Colombian-Spanish designer Polite makes his debut, as a guest, on the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk with “Migrations”, a collection that puts in contrast the movements of people with the migrations of animals. With this starting point, the designer presents classic pieces updated in a more contemporary language thanks to the use of maxi-volumes like the Victorian blouse, the cape, the short jaquet and, even, the isothermal blanket, which is used as a fashion accessory.

Polite imagines a powerful woman, through the boxy silhouettes with strong shoulders and the use of colors like violet and red, as well as innocent, for the light and fluid silhouette and the dominance of a soft color palette based on pastel hues, which reminds of the iridescent tones of the spring-summer 2019 collection by Escorpion Studio Barcelona. As the connecting thread of the collection, we find a delicate black print on white and blue, which is a singature of this fashion house.