3 Mar 2019 - 00:00

The pioneering designer in haute couture Rose Bertin, minister of fashion with Marie Antoinette, is the inspiration behind the new collection by designer Jose Maria Garcia Gonzalez with his made to measure couture brand Ze Garcia. After causing a revolution to the 080 Barcelona Fashion with his fashion show filled with national influencers a year ago, now he uses the spectacularity and femininity of baroque-inspired yet contemporary designs to stand out.

Ballgowns with full maxi skirts, like the one sported by top model Lucia Lopez to open the show, go along with other more fluid dresses, always in shiny fabrics, some of which authentic masterpieces for the most romantic looks with delicate floral embroideries in golden hues. Ze Garcia also presents bridal fashion styles that seduce for their femininity and elegance: from a sexy princess style dress with a bustier and a maxi skirt with volume to others in a column silhouette made in lace;  off-the-shoulder boho with poet sleeves and classic style like the one which closes the show with a spectacular floral headpiece that draws all the attention.