Street style
5 Jul 2017 - 00:00

With casual looks signed by Zalando, with the right trendy touch and well coordinated, influencers Marc Forné and Núria Val didn’t want to miss the 20th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion. Marc mixes the Mediterranean style of his leather espadrilles with the preppy look of his beige trousers, and combines it with a striped shirt, open on the chest, that adds a bold elegance to the outfit.
Núria, on her side, sports a casual and original look based on a cut-out loose printed overall. The red sandals and the pom pom earrings in the same hue ad a touch of colour to the look that she tops off with a pair of sixties rounded sunglasses. These are two street-style special and cool looks for two of the most successful Catalan influencers nowadays.