26 Apr 2019 - 00:00

Young designer Xavi Grados is the winner of the 4th edition of the emerging design contest 080 Barcelona Fashion / Rec.0, organized by the fashion event of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the festival of pop-up stores in Igualada.
As announced in the open call, the winner will enjoy a pop-up store free of cost in the next spring edition of the Rec 019 Stores, held from May 9th to 12th in the old industrial district of Rec, in Igualada. In addition, for the first time, he will also be present from June 25th to the 28th in the Pop-ups Gallery of the 080 Barcelona Fashion summer 2019 edition, also at no cost.
Besides the winner, Xavi Grados, a familiar name of the 080, as he took part in the catwalk as emerging designer in the summer 2016 edition, in this 2019 edition of the design contest there are other figures that rung a bell. The jury was formed by designer Cristina Fernandez, of Little Creative Factory; fashion journalist Francesca Tur; a member of the 080 Barcelona Fashion and a member of RecStores.
They have chosen Xavi Grados as the winner having considered that his work is a great representation of his hometown, Igualada, and the textile tradition associated with it as he works with knit and leather, ensuring the best quality in the materials. The result is a 100% Catalan product made in Igualada of the best design and quality, a winner product. This recognition joins others achieved by this young designer that finished his fashion studies in 2014 and who was named a semifinalist in the ModaFAD awards that same year.
In this 2019 edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion/Rec.0 contest, the finalists are two other brands also with a bright future ahead in fashion. On the one hand, the eco shoewear brand Indianes, founded by designers Diana Feliu and Ivan Rojas, which had the second place. And, on the other hand, the brand Mirall, a project by a fashion designer and an architect, that was picked the third finalist.
The presentation of the award took place yesterday at the NU#02 space in Barcelona and the jury, the finalists and guests attended the event to celebrate the success of Xavi Grados and the great moment of the young and emerging talents of Catalan fashion.